It’s a really big event since Pasuruan city has been declared as a city of inclusive education.
Based on the information I got, it would be attended by the governour of east Java, ibu Khofifah, the newly elected governour, but unfortunately she couldn’t attend it, an official of Bapeda of east java represented her. The festival was attenfed by Miss Deborah from Unicef, the president of persebaya with the crew, the vice mayor of pasuruan city with Forkopimda, school supervisors (local facilatators of inclusive education), the principals as well as the students of elementary school and junior high schools, approximately 700 students.
The program started at 9 am.
The focus was on students, that is, disabled and regular students  were showing their talents or capabilities in sports, that is originated from the motto Education For All. Something that was very unique and attracted the audience when the vice mayor and the head of DPRD were competing in a game called Dragon Ball. Later, some speeches were presented by the president of persebaya, the representative of Unicef, and the vice mayor of pasuruan city. All people were impressed by this program, especially the the representative of Unicef, Miss Deborah and In the long run, we would like to express our gratefulness to Unicef that has helped and supported the inclusive education program in Pasuruan city

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